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Dreams into plans

Pic from Pinterest

Otis Redding I Got Dreams to Remember


Dreams are straining to be born and realized. Remembered and pursued. Like lovers. Embrace them with your whole heart and give in to the desires of your soul.

What are your dreams?

What do you want?

Hmmmm. Nothing is too small, nothing is too big. Throw out the question of how and just let your mind run wild with daydreams.

Affirmation: My dreams have beauty and value. I will treat them, and myself, like precious jewels. Awed by the power my fantasies hold.

What are you waiting for?!

We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust –RUMI

Dreams. Delicious dreams. One that linger in the mind upon waking. Those that keep you up at night.

Dance with your dreams

Do them!



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