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I Want to Hear

B&W Iris

What do you do when nothing in your life seems to be ok?
What do you do when everything you ever wanted, isn’t yours?
What do you say to yourself to ease the pain and disappointment?
Where do you go to help ease the ache?
What do YOU do?

Honest questions. I want a unique and helpful perspective.

I feel heavy and dark, sometimes.
I feel happy and light, sometimes.
I never feel like I am enough.
I long to believe the Universe is for me.
I think most of my sadness stems from not trusting myself and feeling let down.
In the past my coping mechanisms centered around denial, running away and ignoring.
I am fully realizing how these strategies are not serving me. I am left empty, exhausted and numb.
What to do?

I want to hear (and maybe you do too)…

You are ok.

You are enough.

You hurt. I know. Life hurts. The challenges are painful and there is struggle.

You strive and reach and try and trip. That is ok.

All will be well.

You are a blessing. You have worth, even when you fail.

Your eyes are filled with tears. mascara all around. You are still beautiful.

You are always radiantly beautiful.

People hurt you, so deeply. It is because you care and because your heart is big and pure and true. You open it up and hope a select few will see the gem inside. Sometimes they miss it.  That is on them, not you. Keep being open. Keep pursuing them. They will come around, hopefully. If not, you are amazing for trying.

Let go.

Maybe. just a thought. you need to focus on you. The love for you is the most important thing you can nurture.

Don’t worry.

Your love will overflow into others. They get the spillover. A dry well quenches no one.

You matter, Charity. I am so proud of you. You make me smile.

Please keep up the hope. Spread your love.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Dear One, Don’t Give Up Now: A Poem for Self Love from Eliza Ceci

You are

Photo Credit

Yes YOU are.

Please tell me what you need to hear. I am just behind the comment button.


2 thoughts on “I Want to Hear

  1. You are beautiful, inside and out. You have a giving spirit and it makes you happy to give to others. Sometimes when you have the desire to give so much, but the rest of the world doesn’t know how to reciprocate it, it can be frustrating and you can feel unloved. Maybe you just have more love in you than the average bear? Keep being you’re deep thinking, giving, artistic, loving self and completely embrace who you are and appreciate your unique self. You are a gem! And when people make you feel like you’re not enough, and you’re undeserving of their full attention and love, don’t believe those lies. God created you special. When all of the other babysitters would come over, they’d sit the whole time. You had energy to play with us the entire day and be creative and funny! That just goes to show you how unique and wonderful you are. You mean the world to your family. Without you, their world would be completely helpless. Be confident in the worlds need for you, and be confident in the wonderfulness of you! I love you sweet girl. You were always my favorite growing up, and I still adore you as an adult.

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