Radiant Renegade

I AM a Highly Sensitive Leader

Nail in a heart

I am a highly sensitive person & a leader, a consumer & creator, and a mother.

I am a Highly Sensitive Person. I am a Leader.

I guide with my very sensitive soul.

I am the woman who gets overwhelmed by too much noise, too much stuff, too many beings in one space.

I am the one who wants to cry but the tears get stuck when life feels overwhelming.

The one who feels so much and it sits in her neck and shoulders as tension and pain.

The one whose body attacks the brain to attempt to deal with the onslaught of everything.

The one who frequently longs to crawl out of her skin if only to be free of one sensation. Who is startled by a touch from another because she thinks an impenetrable, protective bubble surrounds her. When it is breeched (even though it truly doesn’t exist) it feels like an invasion and is startling, unnerving and shocking. A look of surprise shows clearly on her face. She wants touches, when asked for, to be lingering. Leaving a warm spot when gone. Gently placed on your arm. Hold of her hand. A long embrace.

I am a leader. Leading by imperfect example. Questioning everything. Going against the grain and flow. I am the one ahead of her time. Pushing the boundaries. Exhausted by the whole situation by the time others catch up.

The leader who wants everyone to find their own path. To help them along THEIR way. I lead so others may be enlightened and encouraged to follow their own path.

I am lonely as a leader. I long for a co-leader to boost me up when I stumble. Who hears me when I cry. Someone who makes me feel more than rather than less so. I am embracing my aloneness. The solidarity. The silence. Living the questions

I am the owner of this once-in-a-lifetime body. I am daily loving towards it from the food I ingest to the words I say. From the things I choose to filter out. I bring too much in frequently and feel the hangover for a long time.

I am a puzzle. Each piece uniquely fitted to me. I am authentically me, each and every moment. No one else is exactly like me. I can quit the comparison game. Others are not me. I am me and I am more than ok, I am enough, love and loved. I am a celestial being wrapped up in soft, warm skin. I am covered in flesh and love.

By celebrating my uniqueness it allows others to see and celebrate theirs. We are each here on this lovely planet for a purpose, for a reason. We each matter. We are each fun, amazing, challenged, and flawed. We support each other by embracing one another in times of challenge and times of happiness.

Please share this embrace and tell us your story.

Who are you?

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