Radiant Renegade

You Are

You would have received this in your inbox if you were receiving

The Simple Sprinkle.

Oct phone through the 19th 050
You are Love
You are Loved
You are Enough

These three phrases can never be said enough. Ever.

I turned 34 since the last newsletter I sent. A time of reflection has been happening. Taking an inventory of sorts of who I am, what I have and what I have learned. Deep. Soul. Work.

I am a consumer & a creator, a mother & a highly sensitive leader.

Who are you?

After much glancing back, I am turning my gaze forward. The present moment & future awaits!

What do I want?!

What story am I going to write this year?

I have filled journals with my words and have found writing to be a constant companion in my life. So, a few thoughts On Writing. Lately I have been trying all different styles of writing, lots of poetry and a whole lot of fun. Paper & pencil (old school style), let the fun begin!

What do you want?!

What is your story?

Our stories matter. You matter. The world needs you and your stories.
I do too.

Please unfold with me.


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