Radiant Renegade

Dear Heart of Mine


I send a whispered request: come home my heart. Please return to me.

Hello heart, since your silence I have been in Stitches. Come back to Stay, your Halo is ready. XO

I am sorry for the hurt I put you through. I am sorry I used you. I was wrong.

I gave you to someone who never deserved to know your pulse. One unworthy.

I know that now.

I thought you whispered for him, you were really whispering to me.

The words you sang were beautiful. Poetic. Erotic.

Telling of the love you hold, the love you long to share & magnify.

The love you have for me. Just me. I am your chosen.

I know that now.

I will keep you wild & free. Untamed & insane. The way you are meant to be.


I will also keep you protected & safe. Comforted and kept warm.


Your wants & needs scare me. Yet I am yours.  I will wait for you to come home…

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