Radiant Renegade

Wishes to the Universe


What am I doing? Here? There? On this earth? What is my purpose?

I want to help women explore and enjoy their sensuality & spirituality. The how, the where, the when is totally unknown. I want their love to unfold all of us. I believe in the power of the feminine mystique. She is empowered and wants to spread her wings (& love). I want to see women lit up from within by standing in their true power. Surrounded and filled with the power of the universe (Spirit) and delighting in their human experience (sensuality). Connecting the two (body & soul) with breath & movement. Writing out their souls to share and shine on others. Wild loving themselves and pouring out more on others. A freedom place and space for them to share themselves with no fear. No judgement. No shame. I want them to turn the camera onto themselves and see their true, deep, raw beauty. I want them to let words of unfiltered passion flow out of them. Uncovering deep ecstatic needs they hide. To feel comfortable talking about sex, their bodies, their rhythms, their thoughts.

It’s all magic.

It’s all beautiful.

I want to share this. I want to see this. I want to be this.

I want them to find their breath. To take it inside themselves and feel it fill every cell with life-giving force. To truly be in the body they have. It’s the only one we get. To move in it and with it in such a way as to feel it. Love it by the knowing. Feel their own skin. Luxuriate in the sensations it brings. Move their body fluid and free. Twisting and stretching. Moving lymph and feeling the rise in their breasts as their breath moves fast.

Creating white space for their brains to breathe. To make a home which energizes them and helps them become. Surrounded by love and beauty. Things they want to touch and smile in remembrance of the memories the items invokes.

Play on the edge of your level of comfort. Dance on the edge. Dip you toe in the other side. Do something everyday this way. Push. Just a bit.

Fall in love with ourselves.

Romance the woman within.

Feel our spirit rising in our own skin.

And so it shall be…



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