Radiant Renegade

I Want

B&W Iris

I want to help women see themselves.

Truly see their beauty and greatness. Know it deep in the depths of their soul. Uncover the things which lie beneath. Ready to bloom and grow into the light of the world.

We are mammas, leaders, important contributors to the world we live in. We are here for a purpose and we do it beautifully, well and more than good enough.

I want others to know what it feels like to see into their own eyes and recognize the person staring back. I don’t want one more person feeling like I have. Even for a moment.

I want to change the way a woman’s worth is measured. We are so much more than flesh and achievement. We are breathtaking beauty and limitless possibility. We embody the great creator. We are god in the form and function of us.

We needn’t seek beauty outside ourselves. It dwells in us, as us.

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