Radiant Renegade

You Becoming You. All of You.


Diving deeper.

Knowing more fully.

 Metamorphic. Emergent.


Gathering up all the parts of me.

Gather up all the parts of you.

The roles we play. The sides we adore. The places we hide.

Write them all down.

Each an every element of you must be seen.

Acknowledged. Invited to the page.

Please do not abandon the splintered pieces of your self.

All have meaning. All have purpose. All are a part of you.

Now, write do the feelings associated with each part.

Write how each bit you play feels.

Write the color associated with each one.

Maybe describe what each part wears or the scent it brings into the room.

Here are some of mine:

The deep ache of hard love inside of mothering wearing clothes of comfort & softness.

The light seeking of photographing wearing head to toe black, complete with power boots.

The magic making of a writer & creatress covered in black & white and shades of prismatic color smelling of sweetness & sweat.

The uncomfortable ignorance of a beginner cloaked in green and the smell of fresh grass & dirt.

The gray unknowing of a poetess adorned with the light of diamonds & emanating smells of dark red lust & heavy ink.

Give them all space on the page, & in your heart.

There is a space for all of you here.

A place of being held in deep love & acceptance.

Sacred Space.

Give us the gift of all of you.

Show me.

This post inspired by the lovely Hannah Marcotti’s the parts of you in a list.


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