Misc Chaos

My Today Is…

2015-12-24 06.55.22

Rain continuing to fall. The gray sky feeding the hunger for sleep, comfort & nourishment. Flash flood warnings as steady alerts throughout the past three days continue as the skies weep for & wash clean the Earth.

Amazing how tears can do both, for the Universe & for I. The cleansing & release of a soul-needing cry. My soul craves a lengthened exhale.

The holly-daze are past and the hangover remains. The wrapping paper to toss, the thank you cards to write, the toys to find space for. The exhaustion, the bordering on sick, the congestion & coughs.

In this state of mind I am supposed to look forward to 2016?!  Write the goals and dream of the things which will set my course for the upcoming year?


I need a nap.

So today, instead, we snuggle under blankets & watch movies still Christmas themed. Play in the bath until it cools. Wrap ourselves in nothing but softness. No plans to leave our little abode. Nothing on our feet. Feeling the holiness still present and floating around.

I am determined to drink my coffee hot, let it warm the bones & body which is cold down to the marrow. Weary down to my atoms. I warm my hands around the ceramic and breathe in deep.

The growing being inside of me kicking gently, & not so gently, against me. Rhythms of hiccups felt & a tiny heel poking hard against my belly. The anxiety surrounding her debut wears me out.

Exhale. Let it go.

Seeking a tiny bit of shimmer & dancing light in my day today…


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