Radiant Renegade

Tender Enchantment



A new year is in full swing and, if you haven’t already, it’s time to explore:

where you want to GO this year, 2016.

What do you want to DO?

Who do you want to BE?

What do you want to HAVE?

Weighty questions. Important ponderings.

I am (still) working on my questions.

But it’s Never Too Late to Plan. (Good stuff from Leonie Dawson).

A little bit everyday is better than nothing all year.

However, my words for the year have found me.

Hop over here and play with Susannah Conway and The Word

Drum Roll Please

My words are:

Tender Enchantment 2016

I want to treat my self, my life, and my loves with tenderness. Sweet, gentle love. Lots of gentle touches and kisses. Oh lovely compassion & kindness.

I long to be enchanted by life again. Swept up in the passion that is living. To love life and light up because of it’s beauty.

I seek it out in the everyday mundane.

The soft, glorious moments all around me.

The glimpses usually involve the sky and my children.

It’s always there.


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