2015 Adieu


My face, relaxed & thinking back…

Working through the 2016 Shining Year in Life, closing the year 2015 with ceremony & reflection.

When I think of 2015, I immediately think of:

Poetry, projects, pain, plans, pregnancy, paramour, course-correction.

Dreams which came true:

Lots of writing & photos clicked, new creative outlets found

Beautiful lessons learned:

Revealing is beautiful, raw is glorious, truth is painful & freeing, love is sacrifice

I know myself more now because I turned the camera on me & my life & I wrote from my heart.

I was transformed this year by passion, desire, dreams (sough & shattered), boundaries & soul stretched.

I was really hard to go through, I know I learned a lot from Him, grace, forgiveness, watching the Gentlemen grow.

I let go of my mom still (not) mothering, even more expectations, so much online personas, C&S Life (& .com). Surrendered pieces & parts of my heart which needed to be shed. Unfolded many layers of hurt, deep seated non-working beliefs & love. So much love.

I am joy-full because of new & fresh perspectives, sunshine, the Gentlemen, flowers, inspiration every present & changing

I discovered the incredible amount of love I truly have within, which needs to be shared, how creative & unique I am, how well I can flip hurt & grow

I was led to more creative, expressive & freeing writing as well as feeling more connected to my heart’s desires.

I am proud of myself for doing (some of) the hard things, forgiving again & again (myself included), seeing my ugly, yet loving me anyways and continuing to recover from perfectionism & expectation overload.

And now, I long for someone to be for me. Just me. My cheerleader. My friend. My mentor.

Maybe I am the woman for the job.


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