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Be a brave little doughnut. With sprinkles. Printable from Shanty2Chic Brave bold, spunky, gutsy, valorous, courageous You are doing with your life what only you could do. And THAT is brave -Annie F. Downs To be afraid and to be brave is the best courage of all -Alice Dalglvesh You are much braver than you… Continue reading Brave

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 It’s here!                                      Spring Bucket List:1. Plan Little One’s Pingu Birthday Bash2. Visit Local Parks, Repeatedly3. Blow Dandelions-we were warned not to do this in our backyard!4. Get a Goldfish5. Funoodle Sword Fight6. Go Barefoot in the Grass-mind the bees!7. Fingerpaint Naked-Little One only8. Lay in the Grass, Look at the Clouds & Sky9.… Continue reading Spring